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Whether you just need a boost to your viewers and followers on Facebook and Tumblr, or need a whole package of social media branding solutions, we're here to assist. Our experience with the forefront of Social Media makes it an easy decision to allow us to help coordinate your "face to the world". If you have branding needs, we're your social media lifeline...


Total Package

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We can create as many or as few social media brands as you require. We'll determine your target market, needs of that market, and aggressively brand you on whichever sites will help you the most. We can perform your day-to-day updates if needed, or weekly/ monthly consulting if you keep these tasks in-house.


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A service or product is not the only thing you need to excel in today's economy. You need a good logo, a great face in front of the public, and an awareness that you exist. In a word, you need a 'brand'. Make the world remember you daily. Whether it's a tumblr blog, or a facebook page with infinite "likes", or even a myspace page for your music, we are the key to achieving your goals.


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Already determined your needs, created pages here and there, and now all you have are crickets chirping? Let's talk about streamlining those efforts and using economies of motion to post at the optimum time of day, the correct number of times per week, and about the proper things. If just 1 of those gets skewed, it can derail your entire plan. We can help!

"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."
-Albert Einstein

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Laptop Damage
Should you spill any liquid or beverage in your laptop or netbook, all is not lost. As quickly as possible, remove the power cord, and then the battery. Your immediate goal is to remove all power sources before anything shorts out. Then give us a call. We have a great track record of drying and cleaning laptops when power has been removed quickly. Should the unit be too far damaged to repair, typically we can still perform a motherboard replacement, for well less than the cost of a new laptop. And no matter what, we can always recover your data. So don't throw that laptop out! We can retrieve pictures, music, movies, documents, you name it.