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Our goal is to allow you to use your personal computer as it was intended, with the speed it had when new. With a quick on-site or remote tuneup, we can keep things rolling smoothly. A scan for and removal of any Spyware, Virus Activity, and Malware in general is the first step. Following along is a clean-up of old internet and temporary file data, and then verifying the patch/update status of your software. All these can be accomplished quickly and efficiently, along with loading software, a webcam, upgrading your pc, or even setup a wireless network.

The bottom line is, if it's technology-related, we can help you build it, fix it, install it, or upgrade it. We pride ourselves on only performing work that's necessary, and never over-charging. Before you throw out your computer and replace it, let's see if we can't cheaply upgrade it. Clean it. Make it like new again.

In your house, we still want to be your Tech Lifeline...


Personal Services

  • Malware Removal & Blocking - Make Your Computer Yours Again
  • Desktop/Laptop Setup and Data Transfer - Transfer Files to New Computer
  • Data Recovery - Lost Pics or Documents? We Can Restore
  • Data Retrieval - Need Data Off Your Old Computer? We Can Retrieve
  • Wireless Network Setup & Securing - We Can Set It Up and Secure It
  • Computer Cleanup and Update Verification - Clean It Up and Load Updates
  • Operating System Updates and Upgrades
  • Data Backup and Archival - Backup Now & Schedule for The Future
  • Desktop/Laptop Upgrades - Software & Hardware
  • Home Networking & Securing - We Can Set It Up and Secure It
  • Printer Setup (Wired or Wireless)
  • Making Your Computer Kid-Safe or Teen-Safe - Keep Them Safe on the Internet

"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."
-Albert Einstein

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Tri-County Technology
PO Box 258
Trenton, Florida 32693

Phone: (352) 949-7381
Fax: (888) 810-4201

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Laptop Damage
Should you spill any liquid or beverage in your laptop or netbook, all is not lost. As quickly as possible, remove the power cord, and then the battery. Your immediate goal is to remove all power sources before anything shorts out. Then give us a call. We have a great track record of drying and cleaning laptops when power has been removed quickly. Should the unit be too far damaged to repair, typically we can still perform a motherboard replacement, for well less than the cost of a new laptop. And no matter what, we can always recover your data. So don't throw that laptop out! We can retrieve pictures, music, movies, documents, you name it.