How Tri-County Technology Can Help Your Business Thrive

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Our professionals can help you identify and achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently. We have many happy customers throughout the Banking, Medical, Law Enforcement, and Business sectors. We pride ourselves on being prompt, thorough, and polite. We can help you define your technology goals and defecits, and then address them as soon as you are ready.

Servers patched and running at full speed; workstations updated and malware-free; laptops secure when on premises or off - these are our goals. Website properly marketing your business and Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr providing routine updates to followers as well. You know your business, so allow us to know the part you don't need to.

We are very comfortable working under the guidelines of GLBA and HIPAA, routinely work in secure areas and under the umbrella of NDA's. Tri-County Technology can be everything from a quick phone fix, to your entire IT department. Whatever you need.



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Whether it's consolidating redundant machines and data and replacing it all with networked file servers, updating or refreshing workstations, we're well-versed in all things technology related in the business world. Networked IP security cameras, pc workstations and laptops, even vinyl signage. We stand behind our motto of being your tech lifeline. If you need help with it, we're here to assist. And happy to give you a 24x7 promise.


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Designing your website, updating a stale design, or creating a Social Media presence for your brand with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and RSS feeds? You bet. If you're unable or uncomfortable working through these tasks alone, we're here to assist as much or as little as you need. We can design, implement, or just consult. Whatever gets you to your bottom-line end result in the most efficient manner is our goal.


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Have a great small to medium-sized business, but unsure of what best ways to maximize your online marketing? We're here to help. Office workstations running slowly, or need to be upgraded from Windows XP or Vista? Just want the latest and greatest Windows 7 or even the latest OSX update? All areas we can help you shine. Whether you have a specific list, or just a list of questions, call us and let us work through your goals with you.

"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."
-Albert Einstein

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Laptop Damage
Should you spill any liquid or beverage in your laptop or netbook, all is not lost. As quickly as possible, remove the power cord, and then the battery. Your immediate goal is to remove all power sources before anything shorts out. Then give us a call. We have a great track record of drying and cleaning laptops when power has been removed quickly. Should the unit be too far damaged to repair, typically we can still perform a motherboard replacement, for well less than the cost of a new laptop. And no matter what, we can always recover your data. So don't throw that laptop out! We can retrieve pictures, music, movies, documents, you name it.